Listed below are the successful candidates elected to the Headteacher Board for each Regional Schools Commissioner region.


Zoe Carr

WISE Academies

It has been my privilege to serve on the HTB for the last three years. As a primary practitioner, I have provided a strong voice, representing our sector with its distinctive characteristics and unique context. Through working in a trust that was established in 2011 and now spans three LAs, whilst serving highly deprived communities, I have gained a great deal of first-hand experience of finding solutions to the many and complex challenges that MATs face. The journey has had many ups and downs and I believe that this honest insight is fundamental to effective decision-making. I lead a highly performing MAT where combined KS2 outcomes consistently exceed national standards and disadvantaged pupils thrive. During my HTB term of office, I have shown strong commitment to collaborative working across the academies’ sector, which is central to the success of a MAT led self-improving system. Should I be re-elected to the HTB, significant experiences that I could offer include: leading a teaching school, working as an NLE, supporting the sector with effective financial efficiency on behalf of ESFA, training as an OFSTED inspector. My passion is to continue to influence future strategy for the benefit of our next generation.

Chris Clarke

Lunesdale Learning Trust

Brought up in Newcastle, I have taught in Sheffield, Northumberland, Dorset and the USA. For the past 25 years I have been Headteacher of Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria, an ‘outstanding’ school in all categories for well over 10 years. From September 2017, I will be CEO of the Lunesdale Learning Trust, a MAT initially incorporating QES and the new Queen Elizabeth Studio (Free) School, both part of the established 10 school South Lakes Federation, a successful collaborative and Phase 1 Teaching School.

I am an NLE, have served on ASCL Council, am an ex-officio member of the Board of the Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders and I’m a member of the Secondary Headteachers’ Reference Group at the DfE. For the past 3 years, as an elected member of the RSC North Headteacher Board, I have tried to provide a Cumbrian context where necessary and believe I have discharged responsibilities fairly, independently and with circumspection. I hope colleagues would regard me generally as trustworthy, judicious, positive, clear-thinking and keen to find solutions. After over 40 years in education and 30 years in active senior leadership, I remain committed and passionate about supporting schools to improve.

Nick Hurn

Trinity Catholic Trust

I was honoured to be elected by my northern peers as a member of the Headteachers’ Board in September 2014 when this Board was originally formed. In my declaration in 2014, I stated that ‘I was committed to working in partnership and believed that schools working together can achieve great things’. My philosophy of supporting schools and colleagues, sharing good practice and driving school improvement has never changed. As a member of the HTB I have always tried to be honest, impartial and objective. My opinions have been shaped by my experience of being Headteacher of 3 large secondary schools, Chair of a Special school trust and school leader for almost 20 years. As NLE and more recently as a member of the HTB I have been involved with a wide range of school to school support projects. This experience has given me an extensive range of knowledge and understanding of local and regional issues across the full educational spectrum. If elected again, I would very much like to continue to work hard for our regions, school leaders and academies and support the work they deliver for all of the young people and families in our communities.

Lesley Powell

North East Learning Trust

Being a member of the headteacher board has been a rewarding and fascinating experience. I have felt genuinely empowered to make a difference and I hope that my knowledge and experience has been valuable in our discussions and the decisions we have made. It would be a privilege to continue to represent the region.

Since my last appointment, I have developed as CEO of the North East Learning Trust with eight schools now in our growing family – a steep but exhilarating learning curve that has widened my insight into school leadership. My own school has also been recently appointed as a Research School and our SCITT awarded outstanding.

If re-elected, I would bring the skills I was able to previously demonstrate, namely 29 years’ teaching experience, leadership of a national teaching school and work as an NLE and practicing inspector.

I most importantly bring with me an unwavering commitment to the children of the north and the country. I passionately believe that all children can achieve and that it is our duty to nurture and bring out the best in them.

Lancashire and West Yorkshire

Julie Bradley

Tauheedul Education Trust

With four headships working in schools across Lancashire, two of which were judged outstanding by Ofsted, I have deep knowledge and understanding of the local educational landscape and insight into the challenge of securing excellent outcomes for schools serving diverse communities.

As Executive Principal of an outstanding flagship Free School and the architect of the primary model for Tauheedul schools now established in five local authorities (3 located in the North-West), I have first-hand experience of creating school cultures focussed on academic excellence.

I am an experienced system leader who has mentored over 100 aspiring Headteachers, led delivery on NPQH programmes, lead the Tauheedul Primary TSA and engage in school to school support to develop capacity in schools to improve outcomes for children.

As part of the self-improving school system I have collaborated with colleagues across the MAT and within local school improvement groups to interrogate data, develop models of governance and ensure school improvement planning is sharply focused on ensuring children have the best of chances and opportunities.

I would like to work collaboratively with the board to shape an educational provision for this region that is first class.

Karen Bramwell

Forward As One Church of England Multi Acadmey Trust

I have served as a member of the Lancashire and West Yorkshire HTB for a year as a co-opted member. I now stand for election so that I can continue the valuable work that I have begun and provide vital continuity for the HTB as new members join the board. As the leader of a small, yet growing Primary mixed MAT, with 19 years experience as a serving headteacher, I am an NLE with extensive experience and understanding of the school led system, and a proven track record of school to school support. I am proud that the needs of children are at the heart of all my decision making. I feel that it is vital that the HTB benefits from the voice of a strong Primary practitioner who is also an experienced system leader. I believe that HTB decisions should be made on the basis of proven track record and evidence, with complete impartiality. As a HTB member I have been part of ensuring that this is the case. I have utilised my extensive knowledge and understanding of school improvement, performance data, and school leadership to inform all decision making for the benefit of the children in our region.

Royston Halford

The Rowan Learning Trust
Secondary, Primary, AP

I have been a headteacher and executive headteacher/CEO for 15 years. I was headteacher at Hawkley Hall High school, in Wigan, from 2002. In 2009 the school was graded Outstanding and in May 2010 I became an NLE. Since 2010, we have supported over 45 schools around Greater Manchester and the North West. In 2012, we converted to be a Multi-Academy Trust, called The Rowan Learning Trust, and I became executive headteacher and CEO. We now have 4 schools in the MAT: 2 high schools; a PRU and a primary school. Hawkley Hall is also a Teaching School. I was an Operational Lead in the GM Challenge and then became joint chair of By Schools for Schools (BSfS) which was a legacy from the GM Challenge. Hundreds of schools were supported through BSfS and the impact was impressive from the team. I have been on the DfE Secondary Head Reference Group for 5 years and provide support, advice and challenge to government education policy. I wish to stand for the HTB because I believe that I will contribute to the effectiveness of the board through my wide range of experience, my level headedness and my open and honest straight talking.

Duncan Jacques

Exceed Academies Trust
Nursery, Primary, all through

I am currently CEO and Executive Principal of Exceed Academies Trust. I have been a Headteacher or Executive Headteacher for 15 years, always working in areas of challenging circumstance in Leeds and since 2008, in Bradford. Four of the settings I have led have been judged Outstanding, one of those progressing from Special Measures and another from double RI. Exceed Academies Trust currently run two Teaching Schools and a SCITT and although my experience to date has been exclusively in primary and nursery, from September EAT will be the Sponsor of an all-through academy. I am a NLE, coaching leaders and schools requiring support and I deliver training programmes to aspiring Headteachers and Executive Headteachers. Until recently I was the Chair of the Bradford Primary Improvement Partnership and I have always supported and worked closely with the LA, including working with elected members supporting school improvement. I am standing because I believe that I have a proven track record as a system leader and that I have the skill set to support the RSC and Headteacher Board. I believe West Yorkshire and the Primary sector have been under represented previously and that my appointment would address the balance.

East Midlands and Humber

Peter Bell

Community Inclusive Trust
Primary and Special needs

I have taken 2 schools to outstanding in 2013, as their Executive Headteacher, this enabled me to become an NLE and the schools to achieve Teaching School status in 2015. The schools then academised, forming Community Inclusive Trust, which I am now CEO. The two founding schools were re inspected this year and have maintained their outstanding grade. As an NLE, I have had many more opportunities to work with both SEND and mainstream schools, that were either in Special Measures or causing the LA concern, supporting a number of different Leadership teams to be achieve a grade of either good or outstanding at Ofsted. Since 2014 the Trust has grown to 7 schools. CIT successfully applied to open a 2FE Primary Free School, due to open 1.9.18. Recently, I worked as part the Lincolnshire “No school left behind” project board. The focus of the Board was to put into place a county wide program of school to school support. I am a serving Ofsted Inspector, of Primary and SEND schools. If elected to the HTB, I believe the experiences detailed, will provide a broad skill set, to support others and help improve the outcomes of pupils in the region.

Anne Martin

Primary & secondary

I have a strong track record of school improvement; having worked in Stoke, Staffordshire, Derbyshire & Derby City secondary schools/academies; I have been a HT for over 8 years, became a NLE in 2015 and, having completed the Executive Educators programme, became Executive HT/CEO of a MAT. I have enjoyed working with the DfE on the Sponsor Development Programme and Forum and would like to be involved in key decision making, as part of the HTB, ensuring the voice of Headteachers is heard. I am passionate and committed to raising standards for all children and feel it is important to understand individual organisations – their context and challenges. I work with three TSAs (East & West Midlands); I lead on ‘Women into Leadership’; support newly appointed Headteachers, Aspirant Headteachers and School Improvement. I chair the Local Partnership Board in South Derbyshire and find the challenge of improving life chances for our young people motivating and rewarding. Assessing and promoting the wider view of progress and achievement is vital – data is one measure of this. I am keen to explore ways of recruiting and retaining our best practitioners and want every child to have the very education possible.

Roisin Paul

Chorus Education Trust (formerly Silverdale Multi-Academy Trust)

I am Executive Headteacher of Chorus Education Trust (formerly known as Silverdale Multi-Academy Trust), Silverdale School, Westfield School and the Sheffield Teaching School Alliance, which includes the National Modern Languages SCITT.

I am passionate about learning, believing all young people are entitled to outstanding education. I want to ensure Trust growth is sustainable, equitable and makes good use of public funds.

I am committed to:
  • Providing rigorous, impartial scrutiny of all decisions, ensuring parity and equality.
  • Putting our young people and schools at the heart of decisions.
  • Ensuring we limit risk-taking by Trusts to ensure their future success.
  • Being accessible to school leaders, sharing my understanding about Trust growth.

My experience includes:

  • Leading an Outstanding Secondary: Silverdale School, Sheffield.
  • Teaching for eight years in London comprehensives.
  • Working as a Lead Teaching and Learning Consultant for Barnsley School Effectiveness Team, across all age groups.
  • Working in Northern Ireland to establish an integrated school which promoted mutual understanding by educating Catholic and Protestant children together.
  • Established Teaching School that trains over 100 teachers every year, working with 90 schools.

  • Both my Trust and I have reputations for being trusted and providing high quality education, but also quality service through our Teaching School.

    Paul Stone

    Discovery Schools Academy Trust

    I am passionate about becoming a representative of the Primary Academy sector and seek your support in this election round. My experiences since becoming a MAT in 2012 have been wide ranging and I have experienced many highs and many lows, all of which make me a good advocate for the system and an understanding and balanced applicant. I am a believer in true partnership working and have developed many close and strong partnerships with MATs, TSAs (including our own) LAs and the RSC office. Our MAT has experienced a range of challenges such as establishing robust systems of governance, evolving school improvement models, recruitment and retention strategies, and efficient financial management. We have focused on developing sustainable growth without over extending ourselves, although like most feel the pressures that the system places on us so can relate to the tests that MATs face. I am keen to support the self-improving school system further and share the experiences our academy trust has encountered along our journey.

    West Midlands

    Dame Mo Brennan

    Matrix Academy Trust
    3 x Secondary, 1 x All through

    Having worked in a variety of Midlands schools for over 40 years, the last 17 years as Headteacher I believe I would bring experience to the Board.

    As a Headteacher and NLE it has been a privilege to work with and in a number of Midlands schools to support them out of special measures by sharing staff, CPD and sensible, simple ideas. My experience of working in challenging schools is that children and staff in some schools are not always given the same opportunities as others. If education is to be equitable then it should not matter who you know, whether your face fits or where you go to school as everyone should have the same entitlement to quality teaching, effective leadership and open governance.

    As a Headteacher I have been involved in local, national and international educational events but my heart is in school improvement which is effective and self sustaining. I am not an intellectual but as a member of the West Midlands Headteacher Board I would offer a common sense approach to the many challenges facing schools, academies and Trusts.

    Mike Donoghue

    John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust

    Appointed Headteacher at John Taylor in January 2010, I oversaw its conversion to academy status in November - one of the first cohort nationally, and the very first in Staffordshire. As such, my commitment to the academies programme is clear. With senior leadership experience in an inner urban area (a Walsall comprehensive), a Staffordshire town (Hednesford) and now serving rural areas too, I am well-placed to understand the rich diversity of contexts from which our children and families emanate. As Principal of a Teaching School and an NLE, I have worked with schools in most of the region's local authorities. Our growing multi-academy trust comprises both primary and secondary partner schools, and both faith and non-denominational. We have also been successful in an application to open a free school to satisfy basic need growth. This, I believe, makes me well-placed to understand and appreciate the opportunities and challenges in a diversity of phases and contexts. Having served on the HTB since its inception in 2014, I believe that my experience and track record of providing support will be valuable in assisting both the RSC and my counterparts across the region as the educational landscape continues to evolve.

    Sinead Smith

    Holy Spirit Catholic Multi Academy
    4 primary schools and 1 secondary school

    As a headteacher there is one single imperative that drives me – it is the daily challenge to improve the life chances of the young people in my care. Since I became Principal Director of the Holy Spirit MAC in North Warwickshire just over two years ago I have relished the opportunity to work dynamically and collaboratively with colleagues across a broader stage. It is clear that standards in all our schools (one secondary, four primaries) have improved significantly since the MAT was formed and will continue to do so as we seek to expand by welcoming other schools to join us. My background is in Catholic education but I have worked collaboratively with local schools and academies of all kinds. Working within a Diocese that stretches from north of Stoke to south of Oxford I am well aware of the need to extend beyond LA boundaries and have done so collaborating with others wherever the need arises. If elected to the Headteacher Board I would bring integrity, passion and relentless energy to the task we all share. Every young person deserves the best education we can jointly provide. It would be an honour to join in meeting that challenge.

    Margaret Yates

    All Saints Catholic Collegiate - accounting officer/executive director Esprit - member

    I am an experienced executive headteacher of an established and successful collaboration of two inner-city primary academies (717 total) one of which was recently judged by HMI as outstanding, both with outstanding leadership teams. The mutual benefits of collaboration have inspired our staff to develop rapidly and accelerated leadership growth. I am also the accounting officer of the multi-academy trust comprising one secondary and four primary academies and held discussions with DfE advisors during what proved to be a challenging conversion. This provided me with an understanding of the process, the fears and dilemmas facing school leaders. I have had the fortunate experience of leading and working with secondary colleagues to drive improvement which has provided me with unique CPD opportunities and equipped me with a deeper understanding of secondary transition. My experience as an NLE involves working alongside primary and secondary leaders and governors through leading pupil premium and governor reviews. My motivation is fuelled every day by the successful achievements of some of our most disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils in our schools and also, a deep-rooted desire to contribute, in a wider capacity, to the vital decisions made to secure the future education opportunities and outcomes for all.

    East of England and North East London

    Brian Conway

    St John the Baptist Catholic MAT
    1 Secondary and 6 primaries

    • National Leader of Education
    • Led my Academy to Teaching School and Research School status
    • Member of the Norwich Opportunity Area Partnership Board
    • Governor of the Wherry Free School Norwich
    • Former Chair of Norfolk Secondary Education Leaders
    • CEO of St John the Baptist Catholic MAT (1 secondary and 6 primaries)
    I wish to offer myself as a candidate for the HTB to provide representative, accessible and considered input to the decision making process. We need to keep the child at the centre of our considerations and ensure that all strategy and plans reflect the best possible structures, organisation and leadership for the benefit of our pupils. I support innovative, collegiate and transformative approaches to our educational structures and will ensure that I listen and act in the widest possible interest. I hope I am known for being inclusive and proactive in moving both individual schools and the wider system forward, feel free to seek opinions from the many MATs, Academies, Dioceses, Headteacher groups and LAs with which I work. The HTB needs to provide scrutiny and incisiveness to decision making, and I would be honoured to be your representative on this Board.

    Caroline Derbyshire

    Saffron Academy Trust
    Primary, Secondary

    The Headteacher board continues to grow in strategic significance as the powers of the RSC are enhanced. It has never been more important that Headteachers both advise and hold the RSC to account. We need principled decision-making in education. I believe that with 12 years’ experience of running outstanding academies across two different MATs, in two different Eastern Region Counties, I am strongly placed to speak with understanding and judgement about the challenges and opportunities facing academies, MATs and alliances. In Cambridgeshire I was Chair of the Secondary Headteacher group that campaigned for fair funding for the least well-funded of authorities and in Essex I have been highly engaged with the Funding Campaign Group organised through ASHE. I am currently ‘hands-on’ Headteacher of Saffron Walden County High School; a large, high-achieving comprehensive in the North West of the county, (having taken my previous school, Linton Village College, to an Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’ on consecutive occasions) and CEO of Saffron Academy Trust, which comprises two secondaries and four primaries. Whether it is at academy, cluster, MAT, county or regional level I consistently advocate principled leadership in the interests of children.

    Karen Kerridge

    Benfleet Schools Trust

    I am currently Headteacher of The Appleton School in Benfleet, Essex. The Appleton School has been judged as outstanding by Ofsted in 2010 and 2013. I have held the position of Headteacher since 2004. I am also Executive Headteacher of Woodlands School in Basildon and was responsible for taking the school out of special measures in 2014. Prior to this I have worked in Northumberland, Southend and Thurrock Schools in a variety of roles. I am a National Leader of Education and in this role have been deployed for short periods of time to assist a number of schools with school improvement issues. I am also responsible for leading a collaborative Teaching School (Benfleet Teaching School) with several other local schools. I am a registered Ofsted Inspector. I currently chair the Castle Point and Rochford Headteachers group. Throughout my career I have been committed to ensuring that all students have access to good or outstanding schools and that children from every social background can achieve at the highest possible levels. If elected I would bring this passion and experience to the Regional Headteacher Board.

    Nardeep Sharma

    Thrive Partnership Academy Trust

    It all started 27 years ago when I took the leap into teaching Mathematics in Milton Keynes. In those early years I realised I had a real soft spot for SEND. Several years later I spent many good years as a SENCO in Coventry – it was one of the best jobs in the world. I then went on to two Deputy Headships one in Birmingham and the other in Reading. After this, I took on two Headships - Sheffield and then Essex.

    In my ‘spare time’ I undertake inspection and school improvement partner work.

    In June I was awarded an OBE on the Queen’s Birthday honours but without sounding ‘cheesy’ the greatest honour has always been working with children.

    As every Headteacher knows the stakes are high and the RSC has become a powerful player. I believe we need HTB members that will support and challenge thinking so we get things right first time and every time in the interests of both children and the professionals that lead schools and academies. I can only see the RSC brief extending in the future and I am happy to represent you as needed.

    North West London and South Central

    Sarah Bennett

    Inspiring Futures through Learning

    I've been the Headteacher of Two Mile Ash School in Milton Keynes for 10 years. TMA has achieved 4 Outstanding Ofsted grades since 2000 and has been the lead school for outstanding ITE provision for 15+ years. In 2011 I took the school through Academy Conversion and in 2012 we became a Teaching School. I became an NLE in 2011.

    In 2012 I also became the Executive Headteacher of two Academies in Milton Keynes, one of which was a sponsored Academy. In June 2014 the latter achieved Good with Outstanding features.

    Following this achievement, I applied for TMA to become an Academy Sponsor. At the same time MK Local Authority opened a competition to bid for two new Academies and we were successful. The Inspiring Futures through Learning MAT, now made up of 6 schools, was formed in September 2016.

    In addition, I have also been an Ofsted inspector, worked with HMI as an associate inspector, been on Ofsted’s head teacher reference group, I am the teaching school council representative in NWSC region, and I am on the RSC’s MAT reference group. I believe my experience would enable me to make a valued contribution as an HTB member.

    Dame Sue Bourne DBE

    Retired from the Avenue School - Special Needs Academy Trust
    All through - Special Needs

    Dame Sue Bourne DBE. I have just retired after 14 years as Headteacher of The Avenue School for pupils aged 2 -19 with complex needs - One of the first Special Needs Academies. I have worked in Special Education for 28 years following a career in Secondary and a brief period in FE. As an NLE (since 2008), a SIP and PAA (Primary Academy Associate) I have supported others to achieve the same outstanding outcomes as achieved at The Avenue School. I have been recognised by Ofsted as an outstanding teacher and for my excellent leadership skill. I have been a member of the Special School Voice and am passionate about Special Education. I would value the opportunity to use my significant knowledge and work with similarly dedicated and determined colleagues on the HTB helping to improve outcomes for even more children, young people and their families. I would be proud to be a strong advocate for pupils with additional needs as I am aware how few special school Headteachers were on the original boards. I believe I have the focus, drive and now the time to dedicate to this important work and ask you please to vote for me.

    Tom Rees

    Northampton Primary Academy Trust

    I am a Northamptonshire-based Headteacher, about to start my tenth year of Headship in the county and currently privileged to lead a large inclusive primary school in Northampton Town with additional Special Unit provision.

    Since becoming part of a MAT two years ago, I have been increasingly involved in supporting and developing other schools as well as making a contribution to the wider system by engaging with colleagues and decision makers. Recently, I have enjoyed the challenge of co-creating and now chairing the Northampton Education Improvement Board which has been set up to increase partnership working and collective school improvement in an area of real educational challenge. I believe that at a time when there are many fragments in our system, we should all be trying to build longer tables rather than higher fences.

    There is important work ahead as we look to complete the significant reforms to school ownership and governance structures across our schools and I believe that the Headteacher Board provides important transparency and integrity to this process. Given the opportunity, I would serve the board with dedication and in the interests of the wider system.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Claire Robins

    Sir John Lawes Academies Trust

    I have been head of Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden for 11 years and an NLE for 8 years. For the last 4 years I have also been CEO of the SJL Academies Trust, which has given me extensive experience of working with schools in challenging circumstances, primary and secondary, to bring about school improvement. SJL is also joint lead school in the Alban Teaching School Alliance and part of a trust setting up a secondary free school in Harpenden. Having had the privilege of serving on the HTB since its inception, I believe I have developed a good understanding of the strengths and challenges of our region. I have found the work we have done fascinating and I am very proud to have been able to ensure that the voice of serving head teachers is heard at this level. I know that representing the views of school leaders on the HTB is an important responsibility and it is not one I take lightly. I feel that the experience I have built up will be of value as we move into the second phase of the HTB and will also provide continuity as the board develops its work further.

    South East and South London

    Sir Andrew Carter OBE

    South Farnham Educational Trust

    I have over 40 years' experience in primary schools and I have been CEO of South Farnham Educational Trust since February 2015. The Trust has three primary schools (1500 pupils) and has plans to expand to between 5-10 academies. I have been a member of SESL HTB for 3 years and have developed an understanding of what makes a good/outstanding MAT. The work of the board is often quite intense and requires reflective time to make sure that the best possible decisions are made. I have enjoyed working with a range of colleagues to ensure that the HTB decisions are fair and equitable. At a national level, I have chaired the Carter Review into ITT and was a member of the committee that wrote the Mentor Standards of ITT provision. More recently, I have chaired the Employers Group that has written and submitted the programme for the new Apprentice Scheme for teachers which will become active from September 2017. I believe my experience with the HTB and my broader work in schools and education will enable me to become a valuable member of the HTB in its second term of office.

    Jon Chaloner

    GLF Schools

    Every child should receive the best possible education in an environment where schools collaborate. As an HTB member, I would provide support and challenge to decision making whilst remaining informed and impartial. I would welcome the opportunity to be involved in order to share my skills beyond our Trust.

    I have been a Headteacher in two large secondary schools and led Glyn School from 'satisfactory' to 'outstanding' in seven terms; sustaining this in 2012. The 11 schools in our Trust that have been inspected are now rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’, including four sponsored academies. Further evidence of striving for excellence includes increasing the ‘combined’ attainment in Y6 for every primary in 2017.

    As an NLE I have supported a number of SESL schools including a secondary in Hastings, where I grew up, and a primary school which led to the formation of GLF Schools. GLF has grown steadily with 6 secondary and 22 primary academies; half are converters.

    I am a founding member and vice-chair of Heads’ Roundtable. We challenge and scrutinise education policy and formulate our own. I would strive to be a solution-focused and innovative HTB member, acknowledging strategic priorities and contributing to improving future policy and practice.

    Paula Farrow

    Nexus Educational Schools Trust (NEST)

    I am privileged to have been a Headteacher and Executive Headteacher for three primary schools and a specialist provision within London. As a Trust Leader, I have always endeavoured to bring colleagues together, valuing their experience, harnessing knowledge, in order to create reflective and continuously improving organisations for the benefit of all. Our partner schools include a Teaching School, three National Support Schools across a diverse range of school settings. Partnership, collaboration and co-creation have been key and I believe strongly that cooperation, support and challenge insure the best possible outcomes for both pupils and staff. I work actively to promote these partnerships through my membership of a variety of associations. I am presently Chair of the Bromley Primary Heads Forum, member of LA strategic Executive Board, OFSTED reference group and Ordinary Inspector. Experienced as an NLE and committed to system leadership, I have always aimed to challenge and empower leaders to improve the outcomes and opportunities for pupils, enabling improvements that are sustainable, provide ownership and which are school driven. As an elected member I would represent colleagues with commitment and enthusiasm. I would aim to bring a breath of experience and the voice of colleagues to the Board.

    Justin Smith

    The Primary First Trust

    Headteachers are incredibly resourceful and passionate professionals who have transformed education in this country, as a CEO I am privileged to work closely with a wonderfully talented group of six school leaders who have changed the life chances of children.

    Together we have moved Special Measures and Requires Improvement schools to Good and Outstanding Schools. Every single school in our trust is incredibly proud of their achievements based upon our collegiate approach to school improvement. Our outcomes for children and our Ofsted results are evidence of a highly effective system being matched with highly effective Headteachers.

    I am an educationalist at heart and believe passionately in the role that structures can play in enabling all children and adults to thrive within a self-driven system. I believe the HTB is the vehicle to promote excellence in both systems and people.

    If elected I will be guided by two key principles; that pupils’ needs must be our first priority and Headteachers must be enabled to effect system wide change.

    I will also use it as an opportunity to fulfil my role as “Lead Learner” of our organisation; modelling that which we ask pupils to do every day – learn.

    South West

    Sally Apps

    Cabot Learning Federation

    System leadership is important both to me and to the trust in which I work. Throughout my headship career I have participated fully in local and regional networks, taking a lead role where helpful. As a member of a mature MAT I understand the nature of growth in academies and have participated in the process of due diligence and acquisition, focusing on the standardisation, alignment and autonomy continuum within trusts as well as participating in the dialogue surrounding intentional design and inter-trust collaboration for improvement. I have undertaken review work as a DfE Educational Adviser and as an Ofsted Inspector. I am passionate about disadvantage and reducing the impact of disadvantage on educational attainment and my headship career saw disadvantaged students outperform non-disadvantaged students nationally year on year. In 2014, students at the Academy I led achieved the third highest progress score in the country and to date the progress outcomes are the highest in our city and third highest in our area for all students, with the highest performance for disadvantaged students. As this is a regional priority I am keen to share my experience and expertise to support others to deliver excellence in their Academies.

    Suzanne Flack

    The Redstart Learning Partnership

    Moving from the headship of an outstanding primary school to establishing a robust and effective Primary MAT has been a challenging and rewarding experience. Through our commitment to school to school support I have not only seen the significant impact upon vulnerable and under-performing schools but on our original sponsor school which has flourished as a result of our collaboration. Our MAT includes some of the smallest and some of the largest Primaries in our region; those in sparse rural locations, challenging areas of social deprivation and affluent villages. I use the lessons learned and experienced gained in 18 years of headship to provide school to school work in my system leadership roles as a NLE and the leader of a dynamic Teaching School Alliance. I work collaboratively contributing to sub regional teaching school events; combining projects with other teaching schools and linking with other MATs both within our region and further afield. Always learning from best practice and constructing new and innovative approaches in conjunction with colleagues. My commitment to the system is exemplified by the voluntary work I have done in governance where I fulfil roles as a member and a Director on 2 Trust boards.

    Paul Jones

    Retired from First Federation Academy Trust

    As a member of the HTB I believe I would bring dedication and experience to the Board. I would strongly advocate for the position of Primary Schools in the new landscape.

    In September 2016 I was seconded for 6 months as Deputy Director in the SW RSC office. I had the privilege of attending HTB meetings and realise the importance of the Board in helping to shape the future landscape of education. I have an understanding of the work of the RSC and the challenges that brings.

    I have dedicated the last eleven years of my career to promoting and developing Multi School systems, working with schools and LAs on establishing federations and MATs. I passionately believe that we have a golden opportunity to create a new landscape for leadership and collaboration which will benefit all children. I want the South West to be recognised as the leader for system development and innovation.

    I have just retired as CEO of the First Federation Trust, a MAT of 13 Primary Schools. The MAT has four Outstanding Schools and was identified as the second best Trust for VA in the country. I am an NLE and trained as Associate Inspector with Ofsted.

    Steve Savory

    Gloucestershire Learning Alliance

    I am looking forward to the chance to continue to work with excellent colleagues in the South West following my brief secondment with the RSC's office this year. We face an uncertain future which will need schools, teaching schools and multi-academy trusts to work together with colleagues from the DfE to strengthen our capacity to deliver fantastic outcomes for our young people. I believe my experience working with the RSC SW, the HTB, colleagues and multi-academy trusts gives me the tools to support this aim. I have supported many schools as an NLE and school improvement lead in Gloucestershire. I have been the CEO of a primary multi-academy trust since 2013. These roles mean I understand the challenges and the opportunities for excellence that collaborative working brings. I understand the issues and successes that MAT growth and capacity brings. I believe a functioning, transparent HTB focussed on developing capacity and school improvement can only enhance the education landscape in the South West. System leaders need support and encouragement to achieve this aim and I feel I can do this whilst helping to shape the thinking and strategic direction of the RSC's office SW.