The 2017 elections of Headteacher Board (HTB) members will be held as follows:

Image of the timeline for the 2017 HTB elections

The announcement of the elections will coincide with the publication of the elections website and the opening for nominations.

Nominations made in accordance with the provisions of the relevant rules shall be made on the application form available by registering and signing in on this website and must be completed and submitted no later than the date published in the timetable above. There will be no postal applications.

The consent of any candidate to seek election may be withdrawn within two working days following the close of nominations in writing to the Account Manager at UK Engage at: htbsupport@uk-engage.org.

Each candidate shall be entitled to have published on this website an election address and biography of not more than 200 words. Any such election address and statement of biographical details must be submitted with the candidate's application by close of nominations.

Instructions on how to vote will be sent before polls open to all qualifying electorate using the email registered for the URN on Edubase.

The closing date for receipt of votes via the e-voting webpage is published in the timetable above.

Following the results of the election announcement, a full induction programme will be provided to new members.