Voting FAQ

The four system leaders elected to each of the eight Headteacher Boards (HTBs) will play an important role in advising and challenging the Regional Schools Commissioner on decisions about academies in your region. Please use your vote to help elect the headteachers who will represent your views.

Am I eligible to vote in the HTB elections and if so how many votes will I have?

The electorate is made up of all academies, including free schools, studio schools and UTCs, in England open on 1 June 2017.

Voting eligibility will be per URN (Unique Reference Number). Each academy will be allocated up to four votes per URN. Academy votes are expected to be cast by their headteachers or senior leader.

Votes can only be cast for the HTB in the region in which the academy is located. There will be four elected places on each HTB, and so each voter will be able to cast up to four votes (with no more than one vote per candidate).

If there is more than one headteacher or senior leader per academy (for example, a headteacher and an executive headteacher/CEO) it is for them to agree between themselves who casts the votes.

Where schools have one headteacher but two URNs in the same region, for example a separate infant and junior school, the headteacher can cast the votes on behalf of both schools.

How can I vote?

UK Engage has been appointed to run the election process in each region. All votes will be cast online through this website on the electronic voting page. A voting pack will be sent to every academy via the email address registered on Edubase before polls open. There will be no postal voting.

The online polls will open at 9 a.m. on Friday 8 September 2017 and will close at midnight on Thursday 21 September 2017. Before voting, please read the candidate statements relating to your region. Please note that, once submitted, votes cannot be amended.

How do the votes determine the winners?

Elected positions will be allocated to candidates according to the number of votes received in descending order with some conditions, to ensure that at least one primary head and one secondary head are represented and to ensure that no more than one head per single academy trust is elected onto each board. In the event that the representation requirement is not met, the candidate with the next highest number of votes, whose election would not contravene a representation requirement, shall be deemed elected.